Signature Does Not Appear on Invoice

If your signature does not appear on the invoice it is because there is not practitioner selected. 

The following steps outline the steps to add a practitioner to an invoice.

  1. Click Add Invoice from an Appointment, the Billing tab on the Clinic Patient Profile page, the Billing Activities page, or the '+' symbol in the header
  2. Type in the Service (if it is not auto-populated)
  3. Click the '+ Practitioner' button to add a practitioner
  4. Click '+ Tx Date' if you need to add a treatment date
  5. Click Save

If the practitioner has set their signature, then it would appear on the invoice.   How to set your signature

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    Whitney Bysterveldt

    I did all that previously but it still doesn't show up on the receipt. It only shows an "x" in a red box to the left of where the signature should be.

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    We are working on resolving the issue that a signature does not appear on the email version of a invoice.

    Until it is resolved you can click the Download button and then email it.

    Thanks for your patience


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