Applying a Payment to Claims from an Insurer

When you receive a payment from an Insurer you can either apply it to claims or add it as credit to be applied to claims at alter date. 

Please Note when Paying Claims

Claims are attached to invoices.  If you need to mark a claim as paid, it must be done from the Insurer Payment section.  If you apply a payment to an invoice, it will not mark the claim as paid. 

If a patient/client is responsible for part of an insured invoice (example, Co-Pay), you apply the payment through the invoice and the transactions is marked as TRN-123123 (as an example). 

If payment if applied to a claim, it will be marked on the invoice as TRN-565565, but it is proceeded by a shield icon, representing an insurer payment.


  1. Click on the Billing icon (top left header)
  2. Click on Insurer Payments
  3. Click on the Received Payment button 
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Either Issue to Claims or Add to Credit (you will add it to credit if you wish to apply the payment to claims at a later date)
  6. If you Issue to Claims, you can search by claim number or patient/client, or you select the claims you want to apply it to (you can click the down arrow to expose more details of the claim)
  7. Enter the appropriate information and pay the claim
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