Adding Items to Snapshots

A "Snapshot" of a patient/client gives you a quick overview of the items you want to track.  You can track conditions, medications, surgeries, injuries or track items in a general category.  You can add items to the snapshot from an form or a from directly from snapshots.


Adding from a Form

  1. Click on the Person's name
  2. On the Review Forms line, click on the Triangle to expand
  3. Select the Form from the dropdown you want to review.
  4. Click the Pin Items button (this put the items in a queue for moving to Snapshots)
  5. From the Pinned Items section, either click on the item, or hover over the item to Unpin or Move to Snapshot

Adding from the Snapshot Section

  1. Click on the Person's name
  2. Click on the Plus button in the Section (example, Conditions)
  3. Add your content and click Save


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