Managing Patient Labels

You can manage easily group and categorize your patients with Patient Labels.  

Adding Patient Labels

  1. Click on the Name of a Patient
  2. Click the Three Dots (top right) 
  3. Click Labels 
  4. Type the Label Name and click Create New.
  5. Click the 'x' in the label will remove it 

View Patients with one or more specific Labels 

  1. Click on the Patient icon in the header (to the left of the Dollar sign icon)
  2. Click on the Filter icon (top right)
  3. Select the Labels you would like to filter
  4. Click Apply Filter 

Editing Label Names and Colours

  1. Click Gear icon in the top right header
  2. Under the Patient heading click on Labels
  3. Click the Black triangle and select Edit
  4. Click on the Coloured Square to the right of the Label name
  5. Select your Colour
  6. Edit the name
  7. Click Save


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