Add a Claim to an Invoice

You will need to add a claim to an invoice if you want to bill Insurers.  You will need to add Insurers and Insurance Codes before you can submit a claim.  Claims are made against Policies that have been added to the Patient/Client profile.

  1. Click on the Invoice (example, INV-3)
  2. You have 3 options to add a claim.  You can Copy from a previous claim, add it to an Active Policy, or add a New Policy, then add your claim
  3. You add additional claims to the invoice (Secondary and Tertiary)

Once a claim has been added, the estimated value will be based on the Policy details (example, Deductible, Co-pay, Co-Insurance).  If an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) has been added, the calculated values will be based on the EOB.




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