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Partially Paying Invoices



  • Shaelyn Constant

    The pay button is greyed out and won’t allow a payment be processed without the full amount.

  • Ryan



    When you put in the payment amount make sure you click the Add Payment button and then choose the payment method.





  • Kerri Olds-Rhinds


    I'd prefer to have the option for invoices to remain outstanding if a payment cannot be made. For example, I have an invoice that was paid by insurance, account credit and there was $5.00 balance remaining. I would like for the receipt to show that balance owing so my staff can see it needs to be collected. There is no option to save the payments for the invoice if the balance is not paid in full. At one time I could see this when generating an invoice from the patient's billing page. It appears this is no longer an option. Can this be changed? Is there a way I can enable it?

  • Nick


    I created a ticket to answer your question.

  • Whatsittoya

    Has there been any resolution to this issue? Looking to add partial payment and have outstanding balance invoice to send client.
    The pay button is still greyed out unless making the full invoice payment.

  • Nick

    There is no issue. People are missing step number 3.

    "In the Pay Amount Box, enter the amount of the payment"

    In the screenshot below the Outstanding amount is $100. But the amount to be paid is only $50. 



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