Tagging Clinical Notes

Tagging notations on Clinical notes is simple, and doesn't require dozens of clicks and dropdown menus.  Noterro intelligently learns how you tag and makes suggestions on tags you create in the future.  Below are a few key features to know about tagging.


When you tag a diagram, Noterro will intelligently predict which muscle you will likely tag and will pre-populate the location.  As well, a few other suggestions will appear to allow you to quickly click to change the location selected.  Optionally you can type and search for other locations, or add your own!



The more you tag, the better your tag predictions become.  Noterro learns which tags you are most likely to use based on many predictors including the location, past tags and common tags.  Over time, you should be adding more tags with less clicks because of predictive tagging.  



Tag comments require both customization and speed.  As you tag, Noterro will begin to predict the comments you're likely to use.  These suggestions will be written in your own writing style and can be quickly adjusted.  Over time, you should be adding more tags with less clicks because of predictive comments.


Editing Tags

You can also edit a tag by either clicking on the tag on the diagram or hovering over the tag on the Clinical note and clicking the pencil icon.


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  • 2
    Jeffrey Conway-Jones

    Can you create your own tags? Not all the tags apply to all professions.

  • 1
    Nathalie Lalumiere

    Would also like to create tags for different modalities as I don't see them in the list. Thanks.

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