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Generate a CMS-1500 / Health Insurance Claim Form (HICF)



  • Connie Stromei

    First, thank you all for continually updating Noterro. I'm excited to switch more of my billing database over and eventually by 100% Noterro.

    Second, I do have a wish list. Because my database is quite large, running reports are essential. Would you be able to re-visit your reports with:

    *An Option for user to Sort in Levels: Alpha Last Name; then Tx Date; then Therapist; etc 

    *Viewing lists that are sorted by Last Name and not First Name.

    *Filters to give user options of removing specific fields in reports prior to printing.

    *Reports Printed Format -Output to be in a more condensed and usable fashion.

    *Date Range Filter - Could you Add: 'Last Calendar Year', 'Previous Whole Years', etc.

    *SERVICE SALES Report - Change 'Tax Name' to 'Tax $'

    *PRACTITIONER SALES Report - Add: Tip$

    *DAILY TRANSACTIONS Report - Add: Service; Discount Name; Tax $; Tip$

    *PATIENTS FINANCIAL SUMMERY Report - Invoice and corresponding Transactions aren't combined, making it extremely difficult to see balance dues at a glance. 

    *NO SHOWS Report - FYI: Sorting of Date by ascending/descending order doesn't always work.

    Again, I'm excited about all the advancements you guys have done and are doing. I'm also happy that you are always open for suggestions to improve. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information.  -Connie

  • Nick


    We are working on a update to reports and hope to have it released in the next 3-4 weeks.  We are starting with the sales report.  You will be able to build, customize and save your own reports.  There will be more filter options.  The update should satisfy most of your requests.

    Thank you for the feedback!



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