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Gift Certificates



  • Candice Stevenson

    I know it's a ways out before you guys develop a functioning Gift Certificate purchasing and redemption tracking system but as a thought for when it is done, and maybe even possibly now if you could add in a function to allow for us to print them off a "client friendly receipt" for when a client pays for their treatment for massage with a gift certificate and wishes to receive a receipt.

    The current invoice available to print shows an amount paid where under the current policies for receipts and drafted standards of practice for Fees and billing will read, each states,

    " When the gift certificate is redeemed, a receipt for the dollar amount of the gift certificate is not issued. If the recipient of the massage wishes to receive a receipt, the dollar amount listed must be “gift certificate redeemed” with NO dollar amount given." 

    We do however want and need this information on the invoice and transaction for our own accounting records and needs, but somehow if there was a second version available for the client that would be ideal.

    If this isn't possible at this time I understand and we will continue to make one up ourselves with the correct information like in the second image below.
    CMTO's Example

  • Nick


    I have created a support ticket to answer your questions.



  • Candice Stevenson

    Helpful yes, however if someone wishes to transfer the gift certificate to another person the credit on the original person's account would need to be transferred and as gift certificates have no expiration date we could be carrying this information for a very long time so we look forward to the day you have a system for this developed! :D

    Secondly, this update does not address the concern that in Ontario, the CMTO states that if a client wishes to receive a receipt for a treatment they used a gift certificate to pay for or even if they used it to pay for PART of their treatment as I had happen today, the receipt NEEDS to show that the portion paid for with the gift certificate is “gift certificate redeemed” with NO dollar amount given. Is there any way to have a "customer copy" that shows the amount paid for with a gift certificate is just "gift certificate redeemed" WITHOUT a dollar value associated to that line?

    Thirdly, if we do as suggested in Case Two, and someone redeems a gift certificate and all we have done is added a credit to their account without matching it to that appointments invoice which it should be applied to, I assume in order to settle up we then pay out that invoice with "Apply Credit" in which case would the accounting not add up to look as though we have received 2 payments in that day?


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