Auto-send Intake Form with Appointment Reminder Email

You may want to send an intake form when the appointment reminder email is sent.  For example,  you can send out a COVID questionnaire 24 hours in advanced before their appointment.  It will be sent out at the same time the appointment reminder email is sent.  You can modify that time in the settings section under Notifications. 

To auto-send intake forms, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Appointment in the Calendar
  2. Click on Add Intake
  3. Select your Intake Form and Agreements
  4. Under the section " How will your client complete their Intake Form?"  select "Send with the Appointment's Email Reminder"
  5. Click Add Intake Form
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    Laureen Macintosh

    I tried this and it didn't work. When I add the intake form the "Send with Appointment Email Reminder" option is greyed out and I can't select it.  I need to track my own responses so I have created a recurring "appointment" and want it to send the intake before each of my work shifts.


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    Check to see if the client has an email on file.  Click on their name and then click on on the Edit button.



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    Laureen Macintosh

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your reply.  There was no email on file. So I added the email but still the auto-send option was greyed out.  I played around a bit this morning and it seems you can't have the form auto-send for a repeating appointment.  

    A couple requests here:

    a) can you add the ability to attach an intake form when the appointment is being created instead of having to open the appointment after to add the intake form?

    b) can you have the auto-send work for repeating appointments?

    c) when I add the COVID Pre-screen form the system automatically turns on the "Acupuncture Waiver" agreement and not the COVID-19 agreement.  In the photo I posted above I had to uncheck the acupuncture waiver (as the client has already signed it) and check the new COVID agreement (which needs to be signed before every appointment).


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