Selling & Tracking Package Deals

You can sell and track package deals by using the account credit and discounts.  

Step One: Set Up Discount Packages

  1. Click on the Gear icon (top right header)
  2. Under the Billing heading click on Discounts
  3. Click Add Discount
  4. Name you Package Discount (example, Five Treatment Package)
  5. Click $Discount
  6. Add the Amount of the discount for each treatment (example $10 off each treatment for prepaying)
  7. Select Services
  8. Add Save

Step Two: Add the Package Discount to the Patient's/Client's Profile

  1. Click on the Person's name
  2. Click on Discounts
  3. Apply the Five Treatment Discount (from the example above)

Step Three: Apply the Pre-Payment of the Package 

  1. Next click on the Billing tab (patient/client profile)
  2. Click Add Payment
  3. Follow the steps to Add Credit to their account


You are all set to track your package.  On their first visit, you add the service as your normally do.  The price will automatically be reduced by the discount amount.  When you add the service it will be reduced by $10.  When you Add a Payment Method, you will pay the invoice with Account Credit.  When the account credit is at zero, you remove the Discount Package from their account. 



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