COVID-19 Screening

You may want to create a COVID-19 screening form prior to an appointment, or a consent form (agreement). If you create a COVID-19 intake form you can email it to you patients/clients prior to every appointment, and on your dashboard under Incomplete Intake Forms, you can track if they have filled them out.  If they have not competed the form, you can resend, or copy the link and send it through your email, or have them fill it out in person.  You can also create a COVID-19 consent form that you can require a signature and send it with the COVID-19 intake form.

COVID-19 Intake Form

  1. Click on the Gear icon (top right header)
  2. Under the Template heading, click on Intake Form
  3. Click New Intake Form Template
  4. Select only the COVID-19 questions you want to include on your form (do not select any other sections or questions)
  5. Click Save

COVID-19 Agreement Form

  1. Click on the Gear icon (top right header)
  2. Under the Template heading, click on Agreements
  3. Click Add Agreement Form
  4. Add content, for example , I, 'Patient's First Name'  'Patient's First Name' (these are variables that you can add), have never tested positive for COVID-19 and have never had any symptoms of COVID-19....
  5. Click Save

Workflow for Adding COVID-19 Intake Form

  1. Prior to all appointments send out form
  2. Click on the patient's/client's name
  3. Click Intake Form tab
  4. Click Add Intake
  5. Select the COVID-19 Intake Form
  6. Attach any COVID-19 Agreement if applicable 
  7. Click Email Patient/Client


Workflow for Adding COVID-19 Agreement Form

  1. Click on the Patient's/Client's name
  2. Click on Agreements
  3. Click New Agreement
  4. Select Agreement
  5. Click Save
  6. Click on the Black Triangle next to Open Agreement and select Email Form

The form will remain open until they complete.  If they do not complete it at the time of the appointment, you will need to click on Open Agreement for the form to be completed.



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