Free Access (Share and Save)

Share Noterro with other practitioners, and both you and the recipient can get a free month of Noterro!

Each clinic and practitioner have the ability to share a unique link, which is used to track referral signups.  Once a user signs up using your link, you will be notified via email.  They will be given a 60 day trial instead of a 30 day trial.  If that user decides to subscribe to Noterro for at least 1 month, then you will be notified again.  Once a paid signup happens, your subscription's renewal date will automatically be extended by 1 month!

We are happy to reward you for your referrals!

Your referral link can be found on the bottom left side of your Dashboard.




 A few more details: Referral tracking is specific to a clinic.  If you are a practitioner at multiple clinics, then your unique link will change based on the clinic you're currently logged into.  Extensions are applied to active (paid) clinics only.

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