Export Invoices to Xero

Download patient invoices information by date range into a CSV file, then import the file into Xero.

  1. Click on the Report icon (top left header)
  2. Under the Finance section click on Export to Xero
  3. Select the Date Range 
  4. Enter the Account Code as it appears in your Xero Account. A chart of accounts is a  a complete listing of every account in your Xero account.  For example, invoices would likely be under the account 'Sales', and that account would have a numeric Account Code.
  5. Click 'Override Tax Name' if it appears different in Xero than it does in Noterro. The name identifies the tax rate in the chart of accounts in Xero. It's only shown within Xero. It doesn't appear on your invoices, quotes, or other documents you send outside Xero.

Xero imports the invoices as drafts, so you can approve them after the import.  Once you've imported your invoices into Xero, you'll need to go through and approve them as well as apply payments.

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