Apply a Transparent Background to Your Logo

Ideal logos are transparent .png format at roughly 300px wide by 150px high, maximum 3MB. There are many websites that can do this.  We have found one simple to use. Simply click to convert your logo and follow the instructions.

If you are still having problems, let us know and we would be happy to convert your logo for you.

Change Logo to a .png Format

  1. Once you navigate to the website Upload your Logo
  2. If your logo does not look just right you can adjust the transparency. Under the heading below PNG Transparency Color, click Enable PNG transparency
  3. Under the Make the colour below transparent type in White
  4. Adjustment can be made by adjusting the number. The higher the number, the more transparent your logo will look.  
  5. Click Save As 
  6. Click Download

Crop Your .png Logo

  1. Click to crop your .png
  2. Upload your .png logo
  3. Adjust the size appropriately
  4. Click Save As 
  5. Click Download
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