You can apply a discount directly to an invoice.  The first step is to create your discounts.  You can also set a discount to a patient/client profile so it will automatically get applied to their invoices           (eg. Senior's Discount 10%).  Discounts can be either a percentage of a fixed amount.

Create Discounts

  1. Login in as Admin 
  2. Click on the Gear icon (top right header)
  3. Under the Billing heading click on Discounts
  4. Click on Add Discounts
  5. Fill in the appropriate information and click Save 

Apply a Discount to an Invoice

  1. Add an invoice
  2. Add a Product or A Service item
  3. Click on '+ Discount' 

Apply a Default Discount to a Patient Account

A Default Discount is a Discount automatically applied to Invoice Items for the particular patient/client.

  1. Click on the Patient's/Client's Name
  2. Click on the Discount tab
  3. Type in the Discount Name to be applied 

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    Dr. Michelle Da Silva

    recently the discount percentage is not showing up on the invoice, how do I make that appear so there is reason behind the difference in price of treatment and the actual amount paid?

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    We have created a ticket to answer your questions.

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    Mint Massage Therapy

    How do I create a variable discount that I can simply apply to an individual invoice at the time of checkout without having to create a new discount from my settings?

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