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Patient/Client Birthdays



  • Jennifer Schade

    Is there any way to have a pre-done email wishing a client Happy Birthday and the system will just send it to them automatically?  If not, this should be in the works as well as a email for clients that haven't come in in a while.  It would be awesome to make something up and have the system just send it.

  • Ryan


    Thanks for the suggestion.  In the meantime you can run the birthday report and import the list  into Mail chimp  and send out birthday wishes.




    SOAP Vault Team

  • Wendy Harvey

    It would be great a feature - since all the information is here already.  There could be form letter that we could write and it would automatically send it on their birthday


  • Ryan

    Thank you for your suggestion.  This is a feature we will be working on.

  • Debra Bernath

    Has this feature been added to SOAPVault? It is a great way to stay in touch with clients.

  • Ryan

    Not yet, but I can assure you it is coming.

  • Patrick Miller

    Still not here.... This would be great because this is a one email here, one there vs a big campaign like one would normally do with mail chip


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