Add Credit Card to Patient Account

There are two ways to add a credit card to a patient account.

Through an Unpaid Invoice:

  1. Click on an Unpaid Invoice (e.g. INV-3)
  2. Click on the purple Pay button
  3. Click on Select Payment Method
  4. Click on Add Credit Card for either Square or Bambora

Through a Patient Profile:

  1. Click on the Patient's name
  2. Click on Credit Card
  3. Choose Bambora or Square credit card you need to update
  4. Click Add credit card





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    Krisjon Vargas

    How long does it take for the payment to show up on Square?

    We did a transaction last night as described above, but it hasn't showed up on the Square account.

    OR do we have to manually enter the credit card information into our Square device?

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    It would be instant.  I'll open a ticket for you to investigate your specific issue.

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