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Date Range of Billing Activities



  • Michael Spackman

    Let me be blunt!  Your billing range search sucks.  I've tried multiple times to search a range and the system keeps changing the dates. It shouldn't be that difficult. I shouldn't have to try and make the system work. I place a start date and end date and the system should give me my answers. Instead, I place a start date and when I play an end date, the start date changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've tried customizing the start and end date and I'm still having an issue.  I am not happy.

  • Nick


    An easier way of using the date picker is to replace the month, date or year directly in the Date Range field. In the example below, if you want to filter just the month of May, you would replace Mar 11 with May 1.



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