Setting up Taxes

You will need to setup your clinic tax and the clinic’s % rate.

What is the difference between Clinic Taxes and Practitioner Taxes?
Clinic Taxes are used if the taxes collected from the patient/client are claimed under the Clinic's tax number.  Practitioner Taxes are used if taxes are collected under the Practitioner's tax number. 

Below are the 2 most common scenarios.

Scenario 1Clinic collects all taxes under its own tax number.
This is the simplest scenario since Practitioner Taxes are not required.  Simply create your Clinic Taxes, and use them accordingly.

Scenario 2Both the Clinic and Practitioner collect tax under their own tax numbers.      In this scenario, you would first need to log in as admin to create the Clinic Taxes. 

Next, each practitioner can then log in and enable the taxes they collect and enter their Tax Number.  Once this is complete, both the Clinic Tax and Practitioner Tax will be available to select on invoice items.


A visual example:

Below is a diagram where a there is 1 Clinic Tax (HST), with a tax number of #1111111111, and 2 Practitioner Taxes which extend from the Clinic Tax.  This will allow the option of selecting a tax for either the Clinic (#11111111), Jane Doe (#22222222), or Bob Smith (#3333333).





Managing Clinic Taxes

Manage the Taxes available at your clinic by following these steps:

  1. Login as Admin.
  2. Click Gear icon (top right header)
  3. Under the Clinic Billing heading click Taxes
  4. Click Add, Edit or Delete Tax from this page.

When a Clinic Tax is enabled, it will become available on Invoice Items. 

Managing Practitioner Taxes

If practitioners at your clinic bill under their own tax number, they can enable Taxes within their account. Once the Admin has created Clinic Taxes, practitioners can enable these taxes.  This would be in the scenario where the practitioner charges a tax under their own tax number, rather than the clinic's tax number.

  1. Ensure the Admin has created a Clinic Tax.
  2. Login as a Practitioner.
  3. Click Gear icon (top right header)
  4. Click Practitioner Taxes.
  5. Enable the desired Tax and enter a Tax Number.
  6. Click Save.

When a practitioner has a Tax enabled, it will become available on Invoice Items.


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    is there a way to keep the tax setting on without having to use the pull down menu everytime you are creating an invoice?

  • 0

    In a few days, we will release an update which will auto-select the tax.  Thanks for your patience!

  • 0
    Mark Beasley

    has this happened yet? Not sure how to st my default rate

  • 0


    You don't need to set a default, the system should auto select it for you.



    Your SOAP Vault Team

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    Rachel Goldsmith RMT

    What if all practitioners acting out of a common office submit their own tax and there is no clinic tax number, how can we set up our tax numbers?

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    The clinic (as an example) could set up the HST using one of the practitioner numbers.  Each practitioner is required to use their own number when they select HST.

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