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Allow Practitioners to Manage Other Practitioner's Calendars


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  • D and J B and E

    I am trying to understand how many calendars can we have going? 

    Example: massage business XYZ therapeutic massage clinic has a SoapVault account with online calendar setup for two owners/practitioners and two other contracted practitioners that come in and work for this company.  If I as one of the owners/practitioners have access to the XYZ Therapeutic Massage Clinic Online Calendar would I also be able to have a separate calendar for my other massage office?  Would I be able to setup two or more online calendars that my days are  split between?  If I can do that is that the same as the Clinic associated with... I saw in one of the videos under the Therapist icon?  Also if that is possible are there seperate data bases that the patients info is going into or is it one data base and the different clinics are pulling from it?


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