Available Time Slots are not Visible in Online Booking

There are a number of reasons why your online booking calendar may not show the time slots you would expect.  It's often one or more of the following reasons:

Minimum Lead Time not met
If you're not seeing time slots available to book in the near future, check your Minimum Lead Time.

Maximum Lead Time not met
If you're not seeing time slots available to book after a specific date, check your Maximum Lead Time.

No Availabilities
If you're not seeing any time slots available at all, check to make sure you've added Availabilities for the practitioner you're trying to book.

Online Booking Disabled for Practitioner
If you're not seeing a specific practitioner available to book online, ensure that the practitioner is enabled for online booking. While you're there, also check that they have the appropriate Services enabled to offer in online booking.

Online Booking Disabled for Service
If you're not seeing a specific service in online booking, check to ensure that service has online booking enabled.

Exceeded the maximum number of appointments per day segment
If you're simply not seeing enough time slots available per day, check that you've not exceeded the maximum number of appointments per day segment.  

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Click Gear icon (top right header)
  3. Under the Clinic Calendar heading click Online Booking
  4. Update the value of Appointments Per Segment to the desired value
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  • 1
    Dermod Wood

    Documentation is very superficial. I've no idea how 'Appointments per Segment" works. Is that for the clinic or just for the therapist? What happens with a mix of 30, 60 and 90 minute appointments?

  • 0
    Hana Yohe

    I have also been searching for the answer to Dermod's question and can't find one!

  • 0

    Sorry for the lack of clarity.  This is specifically for patients booking.  It simply refers to the maximum number of available start times to show to a patient per segment (morning, afternoon and evening).

  • 0
    Chantelle Pruden

    when I made the adjustment to 5 bookings per day, all of a sudden nothing shows up on the online booking calendar.


  • 0
    Wanda Heath

    Are clients limited on how far in advance they can schedule their appointments online?

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