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Setting up Services & Default Taxes



  • audrey seale

    I have just joined and would like to add a service.. I have done the above a few times to try get it to work but a red banner keeps popping up saying it cant add a service / please complete the form.. I have no idea why as I have filled in everything

  • Ryan

    Audrey, it sounds like you probably entered invalid information in the form.  I'll open a ticket to help you.  

  • Jodi Case Registered Massage Therapist

    Hello, The same thing is happening to me, big red bar that won't let me continue.

    Thank you

  • Ryan

    Jodi, can you send a screenshot of the issue and email it to  We would love to help you out!

  • Laura Hodge, LMBT

    I would like to be able to change the duration of time for recovery on service items already entered, how do I do this?

  • Ryan


    Log in as admin.  Click on the Gear icon (top right).  Under the Billing heading click on 'Services'.  Click on the Services Category name.  Click on the 'Edit 'button of the Service duration you want change.



  • Amara Tudezca Broughton

    Is there any way to adjust the duration buttons? Some of my clients don't understand the buttons and are assuming I only offer 1 duration. I'd like to make them more obvious.

    A drop down menu, or a label on the buttons, would make the menu more intuitive.


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