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Cancelling an Appointment as a Patient/Client



  • Whitney Bysterveldt

    Note, I have enabled patient cancellations as a practitioner yet I still receive complaints claiming that the option is not available along with screen shot proof that states "apointment (sic) cancellation" "sorry but we couldn't cancel your appointment"

  • Whitney Bysterveldt

    Also, I see that you have an option of cancellation within a variable number of hours before an appointment that maxes out at 72 hours. I  have it set as 1 hour, as in you can cancel anytime up to one hour before the appointment. If I am wrong in the understanding of this? or are you allowing a 3 day window of cancelling the appointment with no option more than 3 days? As in, you can cancel your appointment once you hit the 72 hour or less mark? I seriously hope this is not how it is actually set up.

  • Tirzah Atencio

    I am having some similar concerns from clients who are unable to cancel their appointment.  It seems an intermittent problem according to my clients, ie. they are sometimes able to "try again later" and then the option to cancel is available to them.


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