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Uploading Files to Patient Profiles



  • Andrew Nemeth

    Once again, like images to be uploaded, there needs to be a way of scanning and uploading documents.
    When if possible? and if not why?

  • Ryan

    Adding documents is planned in a future feature release, but we don't have a timeline.

  • Lars Seitzinger

    I would agree, this is an essential aspect and may alter my decision in purchasing Soapvault. Any updates on when this feature will be added?

    Thank you

  • Dr. Margie Smith

    Any updates on this thought? My practice uses xrays and scans that need to be apart of a complete patient file.


  • Ryan

    Sorry, there are no timelines defined yet, but it's still confirmed as an upcoming feature.

  • Loretta Merriman

    Having this feature is what helped me decide to not use this service. I look forward to when you do have this capability.

  • Odette Wood

    I asked about this a year ago as well. It's very disappointing to see that it is still not available.  It should be a priority software update.  I am at the point where I am now looking at moving to a different notes system because Soapvault is not making vital software updates like this often enough. The ability to import in documents to a patient's inbox or outbox is important. It's a key feature of PMS in medical clinics and hospitals.  Why take so long to add this feature to software meant to assist MTs and Chiropractors etc.  If you want other health practitioners to choose your product over others, you need to keep enhancing the product with key features such as this. 

  • Alana Gulka RMT

    I would also take this feature into consideration as I hand write home programs and would like to be able to scan them into the file. 

  • Ryan

    Uploading is now available!  View here.


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