Download a Finalized Clinical Note

  1. Click the Patient's/Client's name
  2. Click the Clinical Notes tab
  3. Under Finalized Notes, click the Black Triangle next to the Duplicate button
  4. Click Download Clinical Note
  5. This will provide you with a PDF version of the note.
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    Patricia Brown-Katz, LMT, CMTPT

    Can I transmit all (10) SOAPS and 2 Evals in one e-mail?

  • 1
    Odette Wood

    I agree, it would be useful to be able to export all records, or a number of selected records in one file.

  • 0
    Troy Goings

    Is there a way to down load all soap notes to PDF without having to do it one by one? I work with doctors and attorneys and they want my files and I have to download each soap note one by one and then email. It is very time conuming

  • 0
    Christine Doo

    Yes, having to send one by one is very frustrating it would be helpful to be able to send them all. Thanks

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