Remove or Delete a Practitioner

If you would like to remove a practitioner from your clinic, please follow the steps below.  

  1. Login as the Admin
  2. Click the Gear icon (top right)
  3. Under the General heading click Practitioners
  4. Click the Three Dots next to the practitioner you would like to delete
  5. Click Delete and follow the instructions in the dialog

Important: Deleting a practitioner will also delete their appointments.  If you would like to retain the future appointments of a practitioner, please move the appointments to a different practitioner prior to deleting.  Clinical notes are not deleted when deleting a practitioner.

Billing is automatically adjusted on your next renewal date to reflect the appropriate amount to charge based on the number of practitioners in your clinic at the time of renewal.

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    Anna Ostaszewski Premont

    We select delete and input  "I Understand"..however, nothing happens.

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    Did you press "Delete" after?

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