Appointments Appear in Patient Calendars at the Wrong Time

When the clinic's timezone and the patient's calendar's timezone don't match, appointments will appear in the patient's personal calendar at a different time.

The problem will be one of 2 causes.

The patient's personal calendar is in the wrong timezone.  
The patient will need to correct the timezone in their personal calendar.

The clinic is in the wrong timezone.  
This is common when a clinic selects a non-daylight savings timezone.  For example:

ADT - Atlantic Daylight Time (observes daylight savings time)
AST - Atlantic Standard Time (does not observer daylight savings time)

Both are Atlantic time, but only ADT observes daylight savings time.  In this case, if the clinic is set to AST and the patient is set to ADT, then the appointments appearing in the patient's calendar will be off by 1 hour.

If it's determined that your clinic is in the wrong timezone, you will need to: 

  1. Update your clinic to the correct timezone
  2. Delete and re-add any future Availabilities and Appointments since they will be in the wrong timezone.  If you have a large number of Availabilities and Appointments which would need to be adjusted, contact us and we can schedule a bulk update for you.
  3. Upon re-adding any Availabilities and Appointments, they will be saved to the new, corrected timezone.


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